Over the past 3 years we’ve grown our audience and developed new business relationships every single day allowing Magnum a massive promotional reach and network.


Our releases have been carefully selected since the birth of Magnum, creating a diverse fan base that loves the music we share regardless of a specific genre.


In addition to quality music, we pride ourselves in having affordable promotion, incredible customer service, and transparent relationships with our artists.






Massive Growth.

Whether we are pushing your music across Soundcloud, Spotify, or any social media site, you will see results. Guaranteed

Soundcloud Promotion

Commanding a collective of 8 Soundcloud channels, Magnum has a combined sum of over 80,000 Soundcloud followers and a network reach of well over 1 million followers. Whether we are pushing a new release or promoting your music we are tastemakers on Soundcloud that can drive fans to your music.

Social Media Marketing

Magnum controls a network of over 200,000 followers on Instagram and can leverage that to expose your music to millions of targeted people. In addition to this, we have substantial advertising reach on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Spotify Promotion

With a network of  over 400 Spotify playlist curators, Magnum can expose your music to millions of targeted active listeners. We know what playlists matter and nobody can get your song noticed like we can.

Branding & Content Creation

Magnum can take your artist image to the next level. We specialize in crafting trendsetting cover art, social media posts and banners. Additionally, Our team has experience designing promotional videos, event posters,  audiovisual spectrums, and logos.

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